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Dear LGBTQ+ Siblings,

You are created and loved by God. You are blessed, and you are a blessing. We believe in this truth

because of the love and grace of God that Jesus Christ has offered all God’s children. For every time that

someone in the church has hurt you because of who you are or who you love, we are deeply sorry; we

hurt with you, and we are committed to pursuing God’s love and justice with you.

We are lay and clergy members of the North Alabama Conference of The United Methodist Church

(UMC). This year we tried and failed to move our annual conference to apologize publicly for the harm

that the 2019 General Conference of the UMC caused our church, our world, and particularly you,

LGBTQ+ children of God. We are grieved that our conference failed to do the right thing and apologize

for the harm we have inflicted. We also wish to do more than apologize. We hope to deeply and loudly

affirm your sacred worth, and we commit to seeking out your voices and leadership as we aim for a more

grace-filled and grace-led denomination.

You are created and loved by God. You are blessed, and you are a blessing. No one has to give you

permission to be God’s child, to love, or to answer your call to ministry. These are gifts of God’s grace.

Blessed are those who recognize the image of God in you. Blessed is the church that affirms and learns

from your love. Blessed is the church that fully welcomes you into the ministry of Jesus Christ.

You are created and loved by God. You are blessed, and you are a blessing. As God’s family, our joys and

our pains impact us all. We hurt when you hurt. We will celebrate when your worth and love are

celebrated. We grieve our denomination’s failure to uphold our own Methodist standards of doing no

harm and honoring the sacred, God-given worth of every individual, without qualification. It is not

enough to blame the stubbornness of our denomination and slowness of our movement for change on the

complexity of being a global body. The church has always been a global body, and throughout its history

the Holy Spirit has fallen in new ways on new communities, growing the family of God’s grace and

pressing all toward a more faithful walk with Christ. We should have done more to follow the movement

of God’s Spirit, and we are sorry for our failure. We are sorry for the harm of General Conference 2019,

but we are convinced it is not the last word for the people called Methodist. We believe the God of

resurrection hope is still speaking.

You are created and loved by God. You are blessed, and you are a blessing. We recommit ourselves to do

ministry and be the church driven by the core truth of Jesus’ love for you and for all. We commit to spread

this good news and seek loving justice for all of God’s children until not only the church, but the whole

world, recognize your full sacred worth and your love as gifts of God’s grace.

We have heard and will proclaim this good news: God created all. God loves all. The church is

incomplete until it welcomes all.

In the Spirit of God’s all-inclusive grace,



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Jennifer Abell - Laity
Chris Abernathy - Laity
Faye Abramson - Laity
David Abramson - Laity
Jonathan Adams - Laity
John Adams - Laity
Melinda Adkins - Laity
Linda Albritton- Laity
Lisa  Alexander - Laity
Charles Alexander - Clergy
Janet Alexander - Laity
John Alexander - Laity
Ginny Alexander - Laity
Steve Alexander - Laity
Jo Alfano  - Laity
Sally Allocca - Clergy
Rochelle Anderson - Laity
Marlin Anderson - Laity
Richard Anderson - Laity
Matt Andrews - Clergy
Carole Armistead - Laity
Stephanie York Arnold - Clergy
Georgia Arnold- Laity
Sawyer Arnold - Laity
Steve  Arnold - Laity
Leon Ashford - Laity
Randa Ashley - Laity
Vivienne Atkins - Laity
Pratt Austin - Trucks - Laity
Dan Avery - Laity
Kelly Avery - Laity
John Allen Baggett - Laity
Nancy Bagwell- Laity
Eric Bagwell - Clergy
Emma Bagwell- Laity
Carlie Baird - Laity
Douglas Baker - Laity
Bob Barnett - Laity
David Barnhart- Clergy
Melanie Barnhart - Laity
Cathy Barofsky - Laity
Bonnie Barrett Wallace - Laity
Donald Basenberg - Laity
Blair Bassham- Laity
LaVeeda  Battle - Laity
Allison Bayes - Laity
Anita Behner - Laity
Daniel Bell - Laity
Diana Bell - Laity
Bailee Bell - Laity
Emily Bell- Laity
Brian Bellenger - Laity
Sarah Belles - Clergy
Ruth C. Bentley - Laity
Dick Berliner - Laity
Judy Berry - Laity
Charles Betts - Clergy
Amanda Bihun- Laity
Peggy Bilbro - Laity
Andrew Billings - Laity
Marie Bingham- Laity
William Bingham - Laity
Renae Black - Laity
Lesli Blair- Laity
Max  Blalock - Clergy
Henry Bonner - Laity
Carole Bonner - Laity
Valerie Boyd - Laity
Marijo Braddy - Laity
Ginny Brandau- Laity
Virginia Branson - Laity
John Brasher - Clergy
Elizabeth Brooks - Laity
Linda Brooks - Laity
Walt Brooks - Laity
Diane Broome  - Laity
Alyssa Brown - Clergy
Susan DeWaltcBrown - Laity
Chris Brown - Laity
Latonya Brown - Laity
Whitney Brown Smith       - Laity
Kyle Bryan - Clergy
Leann Bryan - Clergy
Matthew   Buchanan - Laity
Cynthia Buchheit - Laity
Gary Buchheit - Laity
Caroline Buncick - Laity
Caroline Bundy - Laity
Caroline Bundy - Laity
Christina Burgunder - Laity
Adam Burgunder - Laity
Sheree Burlas - Laity
Susan Burnett - Laity
Adam Burns - Clergy
Alton E. Burrow - Clergy
Dan Butcher - Laity 
Lizzie Butler - Laity
Tiff Butler - Laity
Linda York Bynum - Laity
Samantha Caddis - Laity
Barbara Cady - Laity
Paula Calhoun- Clergy
Karen Callaway - Laity
Donna Calliham - Laity
Nancy Campbell - Laity
Andy Campbell - Laity
Patricia Campbell - Laity
Susan Caples - Laity
Malcolm Carmichael - Laity
Hill Carmichael - Clergy
Amanda Carmichael  - Laity
Katy Beth Carr - Laity



Claire Carter - Laity

Lurena Casey - Laity

Carolyn Cates - Laity

Bill Cates- Laity

Emerson Chambers - Laity

Kristi Chambers - Laity

Paula Champion-Jones - Clergy

Teresa Chandler - Laity

Duncan Chandler - Laity

Chris Chandler- Laity

Mike Chappell - Laity

Christine  Chesser - Laity

Judy Chirco - Laity

Caroline Choppa - Laity

Eleanor Christiansen - Laity

Tyler Christiansen - Clergy

Tony Christon-Walker - Laity

Dale Clem - Clergy

Kelly Clem - Clergy

Laurel Clem - Laity

Victoria Clendenon - Laity

Toy  Cline - Laity

Judy Cloe- Laity

Scott Coats - Clergy

Abigail Coats - Laity

Misty Coats - Laity

Ken  Coe  - Laity

Mike Coffey - Laity

Lynn Coffey - Laity

Judy Cole- Laity

Connie Coleman - Laity

Henry Coleman - Laity

Jennafer Collins  - Laity

Kathryn Coltrane - Laity

Dorotha Coltrane - Laity

Albert Coltrane- Laity

Brad Coltrane - Laity

Hugh Comer - Laity

Jan Conway - Laity

Hendon Coody  - Laity

Amy Cooper - Laity

Griffen Cope - Laity

Amy Cottrill - Laity

Laura Cragon - Laity

Margaret Ann Crain - Clergy

Knowledge Croney - Laity

Reid Crotty - Clergy

Susan Crow - Clergy

Karren Crowson - Laity

Roger Crowson - Laity

Martha Crotty - Laity

Myscha Crouch - Laity

Beth Curry - Laity

Matt Darby - Laity

Sarah Darby - Laity

Jane Darden - Laity

Kate Darden - Laity

Griffin Darden - Laity

Kasi Daugherty - Laity

Meagan Davis - Laity

Leslie Davis - Laity

Robert Davis - Laity

Jettye Davis - Laity

Jon Davis - Laity

David Davis - Laity

Susan Davis - Laity

Andrea Davis-Hill - Laity

Robin Dease - Clergy

Cristin Dedmon - Laity

Jeff  DeGarmo- Laity

Rhonda DeHaven - Laity

Bob  DeHaven - Laity

Leigh Delashaw - Laity

Vicki Denmark - Laity

Drulinda DeWitt - Laity

Amy DeWitte  - Clergy

Annie Dial - Laity

Michelle Diltz - Laity

Reed Dimmitt - Laity

Pam Dimmitt  - Laity

Maddie Dimmitt - Laity

Lynn Dimon - Clergy

Carolyn Dobson - Laity

Stephanie Dobson - Laity

Casey Doering  - Laity

June Dollar - Laity

Aldis Donald - Laity

Dennis Donnelly - Laity

Scott Douglas - Laity

Lynn Douglas - Laity

Beth Douthit - Laity

Betty Joyce Driggers - Laity

Mary DuBard - Laity

Annette Dudgeon - Laity

Barbara Duffee - Laity

Doreen Duley - Clergy

Tom Duley  - Clergy

Nancy Dunavant - Laity

Gary Dunavant - Laity

Lisa  Dunlap - Laity

Elizabeth  Dunn - Laity

Susan Earle - Laity

James Earley- Clergy

Suzanne  Eberhardt- Laity

David Eberhardt - Laity

Shelly Edge-McDonald - Laity

Emily Elam - Laity

Lynn Elgin - Laity

Joe   Elmore - Clergy

Joey Elmore - Clergy

Louisa Elmore  - Laity

Gerald Ensley - Laity

Steven Epley - Laity 



Brian Erickson - Clergy
Donnie Erwin-Brown - Clergy
Karen Erwin-Brown - Laity
Liz Estes - Laity
Gerald Eure - Laity
Jane Eure - Laity
Katie Evans - Laity
Joyce Fancher - Laity
Sandy Felkins - Clergy
Sheri Ferguson - Clergy
Nancy Ferrell - Laity
Charles Ferrell- Clergy
Keith Fine - Laity
Gayle Fisher - Laity
Judy Fiske - Laity
Heath Fite - Laity
Steven Flippo - Laity
Ashley Flippo - Laity
Penny Ford - Clergy
Khrid Ford - Laity
Brenda Formby - Laity
Will   Formby - Laity
Shara Fountain - Laity
Joan Freed - Laity
Barbara B Freeman - Laity
Gwenn Freeman - Laity
Sherri Friday - Laity
Andrew Gamblin - Clergy
Lila   Gamblin - Laity
Dennis Garner- Laity
Joe   Garner - Laity
Dottie Garner - Laity
Joan Garrett - Laity
Joy Garriott - Laity
Carol Garrison - Laity
Mattie Gaskin - Laity
Crystal Gates - Laity
Charles Gattis - Clergy
Judy Gattis - Laity
Erin  Georgia - Laity
Sandra Gerhardt - Laity
Jan Gessert - Laity
Henry Gibson - Clergy
Philip Gibson - Laity
Danielle Gibson - Laity
Deborah Gibson-Epley - Clergy
Katie Gilbert - Laity
Alyssa Gillespie - Clergy
Kim  Gillies - Laity
Gianna Gimenez - Laity
R. David Glasgow - Laity
Terri Glasgow - Laity
Kimberly Glass- Laity
Jamie Glass - Laity
Stan Glasscox - Laity
Donna Godwin- Clergy
Janine Goode - Laity
A.D. Goode - Laity
Ali Goodrich - Laity
Linda Goodwin- Laity
Jonathan Goss - Laity
Madelyn Gray - Laity
Jane Green - Laity
Richard Green- Laity
Kelsey Grissom - Clergy
Ruth Grissom - Clergy
Alison Grizzle - Laity
Mona Guin - Laity
Ann Gulledge - Laity
Donne Gullion  - Laity
Martha Haarbauer - Laity
Evan Haarbauer - Laity
Ward Haarbauer - Laity
Bernadette Hacket - Laity
Mary Margaret Haigler - Laity
Paulette Haywood Ogard - Laity
Ted Haigler - Laity
Terry Hall - Laity
Becky Halliday- Laity
Jason Halliday- Laity
Eve  Hamrick - Laity
Wesley Harbin - Laity
Rebecca Hargraves - Laity
Renée Harmon - Laity
Caitlin Harper - Clergy
Kristin Harper - Laity
Garrett Harper - Clergy
Mike Harper - Clergy
Ellen Harris - Laity
Nancy Harris - Laity
Brandon Harris- Clergy
Bill Harris - Laity
Leila Harris - Laity
Quint Harris - Laity
Stan Hart- Laity
Alyce Hartley - Laity
Steve Hartley - Laity
Jodi  Haskins - Laity
John Carl Hastings - Clergy
Tori  Hastings - Clergy
Martha Hastings - Laity
Carol Hay- Laity
Emily Kate Hayes - Laity
Samuel Hayes- Clergy
Tammy Hayes- Laity
Debbie Hayes - Laity
Zac Head- Clergy
Jaclyn Head - Laity
Kelsey Head - Laity
Katy Head - Laity



Sonya Heath - Laity

Andrew Heckathorn - Laity

Andrew Henderson - Laity

Cathy Henry - Laity

Elizabeth Henry - Clergy

Thomas Hermans-Webster - Clergy

Patrcia Hester - Laity

Carl  Hester - Laity

David Hicks - Laity

Staci Hicks - Laity

Wayne Hicks - Clergy

Beth Ann Higgs - Laity

Kevin Higgs - Clergy

Catherine Hignite - Laity

Nancy Hill - Laity

Patricia Hill - Laity

Michael Hindman - Laity

Jeff Hindman - Laity

Grace Hodnette - Laity

Reggie Holder - Laity

Vance Holder - Laity

Kerry Holder Joffrion - Clergy

Hazel Holinesz- Laity

Becky Hollingsworth - Laity

Lisa  Holloway  - Laity

Janet Holt - Laity

Fran Hopkins- Laity

Nancy Hornsby - Clergy

Tim Horvath - Laity

Nancy Horvath- Laity

Amy Howard - Clergy

Gorman Houston - Laity

Jeanne Houston - Laity

Jim Hoye - Laity

Mikah Hudson - Clergy

Dinah Hughes - Laity

Jenny Hughes- Laity

Leslie Hughes  - Laity

Mark "Bruno" Hughes - Clergy

Virginia Hunt - Laity

Ann Hunt- Laity

Will Hunt- Laity

Brinna Hunter - Laity

Tom Hutchins - Laity

Stephen Ingram - Clergy

Ben Isbell - Laity

Libbi Isbell - Laity

Emily Israel - Laity

Adam Israel - Laity

Sharon Jackson - Laity

Stewart Jackson - Clergy

Joel Jenkins- Laity

Karla Johnson - Laity

Eden Johnson - Laity

Karla Johnson - Laity

Virginia Johnson - Laity

Jim Johnson - Laity

Davis Johnson - Clergy

Carol Johnson - Laity

Nancy Johnson - Laity

Tommy Johnson - Laity

Nancie Jones - Laity

Nathan Jones - Laity

Sam Jones - Laity

Amanda Jones- Laity

Angela Jones - Laity

Paula Jones - Clergy

Michelle    Jones - Laity

Tommy Kacharos - Laity

Suzanne Katschke - Clergy

Michael Katschke - Clergy

Karla Keiser - Laity

Andy Keith - Laity

Kenny Keith - Laity

Emily Kelly - Laity

Tim Kendrick - Clergy

Angela Kephart - Clergy

Lark Kephart - Laity

Davis Keyes - Laity

Rita Keyes - Laity

Glenda Kilgore - Laity

Lawrence King - Laity

Sandra (Susie) Knedlik - Clergy

Sarah Kneisley- Laity

Kay  Knowlton - Laity

Linda Kociaba - Laity

Beth Kornegay- Laity

Karen Krekeberg - Laity

Richard L'Eplattenier - Laity

LynnL'Eplattenier - Laity

Matt Lacey - Clergy

Therese Laeger - Laity

Caroline LaFollette - Laity

Marion Lagman - Laity

Kathleen  Lalor- Laity

Christy Lamb - Laity

Susan Lambert - Laity

Deborah Lane- Laity

Patricia Lane - Laity

Jane Larkin - Laity

Malcolm Larkin - Clergy

Woni Lawrence - Laity

Sylvie Leaver - Laity

Barbara Lee - Laity

Julie Lee - Laity

Debbie Leonard - Laity

Michelle Letang - Laity

Allison Lewis - Laity

Betty Likis - Laity

George Likis     - Laity

Stephanie Lima - Laity

Jennifer Linton- Laity

Lucinda H Lipp - Laity

Lisa Lister - Laity

Walter Little - Laity

Pat Luna - Laity

Mike Lyman - Laity



Pamela Lloyd - Laity

Linda Lovett - Laity

Allison Lowery - Laity

Lynn Luckianow - Laity

Linda Madracchia - Laity

Daniel Maguire- Laity

Nancy Malone - Laity

Linda Malone - Laity

Becky Mantooth - Laity

John Mantooth - Laity

Tracy Marion - Laity

Virginia Martin - Laity

Amy Matheson- Laity

Chris Matheson - Laity

Leslie Matz - Laity

Gayle Mbana  - Laity

April McAnnally  - Laity

Christie McCool - Laity

Paul McCracken - Laity

Nancy McCracken - Laity

Kristie McCullough - Laity

Linda McDaniel - Laity

Randy McDonald - Laity

Sylvia McDonald - Laity

Cindy McDougald - Laity

Reina McFarlin- Laity

Rebecca  McGalliard - Laity

Janine McGee - Laity

Cynthia McGough - Laity

Beebe McKinley - Laity

Mary Jacob McKinley - Laity

Mechel McKinley-Hoffman - Laity

Jonathan McLelland - Laity

Lane McLelland - Laity

Pat McMillion - Laity

Kim McRae - Laity

Ellen  Melville - Laity

Amy Mezzell - Laity

Casey Mickelson - Laity

Anne Middleton - Laity

Ila Faye Miller - Laity

David Miller - Laity

Jennie Miller - Laity

Jana Miller - Laity

W. David  Miller - Laity

Stephen Milstead - Laity

JoAnne Minnitt - Laity

Wallace Miskimon - Laity

Kathy Miskimon - Laity

Matthew Montgomery - Clergy

Natalie Moon - Laity

Seth Moon - Clergy

PamMoore - Laity

Tori  Moore - Laity

Missy Morgan - Laity

Dianne Morgan - Laity

Judy Morgan - Laity

Bill    Morgan - Clergy

Debra Moriarit  - Laity

Andrew Morris  - Laity

Lucile Morris - Laity

David Morton - Laity

Chelsea Morton - Laity

Patricia Morton- Laity

Rod Moss - Laity

Marcia Moss - Laity

John Mullaney- Clergy

Denise Mullaney - Clergy

Shannon  Murphy - Laity

Kay Mutert - Clergy

Pam Myhree - Laity

Scott Nagle - Laity

Michele Nailen - Laity

Valerie Nash - Laity

Mitchell Nash - Laity

Warren Nash - Clergy

Mary Elizabeth Neal- Laity

Ted  Nelson - Laity

Melanie Nichols - Laity

Richard Nisbett - Laity

Cliff Poe - Laity

John Nagy - Laity

Michelle Nelson - Laity

Denise Nolan - Laity

Christy Noren-Hentz - Clergy

Todd Noren-Hentz - Clergy

Carter Noren-Hentz - Laity

Donna Norris - Laity

Roger Norris - Laity

Anita Norton - Laity

Richard Norton - Laity

Susan J Norton – Laity

Christie O’Brien - Laity

Elizabeth O' Donnell - Laity

Sarah O'Kelley- Laity

Janet O’Neal - Laity

Bob Owens - Clergy

Michelle Ozier Wallace - Clergy

Ben Padgett - Clergy

Carol Padgett - Laity

Jaime Pangman       - Clergy

Carmen Pangman    - Laity

Marie Pasco - Laity

Erik  Pasco - Laity

Betsy Pate - Laity

Robin Pate - Laity

Nancy Payne - Laity

Suzanne Payne - Laity

Renee Peacock - Laity

Amy Pearman - Laity

Alisa Peinhardt - Laity

Emily Freeman Penfield - Clergy

Eliza Penfield - Laity

Caroline Penfield - Laity

Chuck Petty - Clergy

Jane Phares - Laity



Alison Phillips - Laity

James Phillips  - Laity

Linda Pickens - Laity

Loye Pine - Laity

Steve Pitts - Laity

Lindsay Pitts - Laity

Jennifer Pool - Laity

Andy Plummer - Laity

Scott Precise - Laity

Jennifer Precise - Laity

Audra Prefling - Laity

Susan Preston - Laity

Laura Prewitt - Laity

Nancy Prickett - Laity

Dena Prince - Laity

Bob Prince - Laity

Lisa Prince - Laity

Peggy Quinn - Laity 

Rita Reese - Laity

Nina Reeves - Laity

Robert Renschler - Laity

Donald Richards - Laity

Tanya Richards - Laity

Erin  Richardson - Laity

Margie Richardson - Laity

Stephen Richardson - Laity

Andy Rickles - Laity

Donald Rickles - Laity

Ashley Riddle - Laity

Joe Riddle - Clergy

David Rikard - Laity

Herb Robertson - Clergy

Kimberly Robertson - Laity

Susan Robertson - Laity

Douglas Robson - Laity

Daniel Rochowiak - Laity

Martha Rogers- Laity

Anna Claire  Rogers - Laity

Jill Rogers - Laity

Kim Rogers - Laity

Bruce Rogers - Laity

Cody Royster - Laity

Lucy Royster - Laity

Ava Rozelle - Clergy

Shirley Ritter - Laity

Debora Russell - Laity

Laura Russell - Laity

Scott Russell - Laity

David Ryan - Laity

Kay  Ryan - Laity

John Ryba - Laity

Josephine Ryba - Laity

Andrew Salser- Laity

Thomas Salter- Clergy

Celeste Sanders - Laity

James Scarborough - Laity

Christina Schmitt - Laity

Hanna Schock- Laity

Simon Schuessler - Laity

Jennifer Scivley  - Laity

Anne Scogin - Laity

Melissa Scott - Laity

Kay  Seale - Laity

Whitney Seals - Laity

Celia Seay - Laity

Bo Segrest - Laity

Danielle    Self - Laity

Earle Self- Laity

Elizabeth  Self - Laity

Melissa Self Patrick- Clergy

Wayne Sellers  - Laity

Pamela Sellers- Laity

Holly Sellers - Laity

Erica Sellers - Laity

Justin Seward - Laity

John Shacka - Laity

Judith Sharp - Laity

Teresa Sharp - Laity

Angela Shaw - Laity

Beth Sherrill - Laity

David Sherrill - Laity

Gennevieve Shirley - Laity

Mary Short  - Laity

Aleta Short - Laity

Donna Sibley - Laity

Terry Sides - Laity

Sandi Simmons - Laity

Clay Simmons - Laity

Lori   Simmons  - Laity

Brad Simmons  - Laity

Carol Sims - Laity

Rachel Sinkey  - Laity

Troy Skipworth- Laity

James Slack - Laity

Leonette  Slay - Laity

Jeven Sloan - Laity

Michelle Sloan - Laity

Patricia Smith - Laity

Ellyn Smith - Laity

Nathan Smock - Laity

Sarah Smoot - Clergy

Tyler Smoot - Laity

Sheree Smothers - Laity

Linda Snead - Laity

Frances Snyde - Laity

Bill Somerall - Laity

Sydney Sparkes - Laity

Lynn Spires - Laity

John Squires - Laity

Emily Stafford - Clergy

Flo Staggs - Laity

Jim Starnes - Laity

Jerry Stephens - Clergy

Jill Stewart - Laity

Joani Stiff Mallet - Laity

Marilyn Stokes - Laity



Mary-Katherine Stoe - Laity

Dean Stone - Laity

Meridith Stoneman - Laity

Virginia Storey- Laity

Angela Stowe - Laity

Louise Strutzenberg – Laity

Robert Sturdivant - Clergy

Melanie Styers- Laity

Bart  Styes - Laity

Judy Styles - Laity

Martha Summey - Laity

Kim Sunkes - Laity

Marjorie Tanner - Laity

Lindsey Tanner - Laity

Linda Thacker  - Laity

Kevin Thomas  - Clergy

Lisa Thomas - Laity

Melissa Thomas - Laity

Avery Thomas- Clergy

Carolyn Thomas - Laity

David Thompson - Laity

David Thompson - Clergy

Roger Thompson - Clergy

Victoria Thompson - Laity

Keith Thompson - Clergy

Victor Thompson - Laity

Linda Thorne - Laity

Sheryl Thornton - Clergy

Jennifer Thurow - Laity

Norma Thweatt - Laity

Ray  Thweatt – Laity

Lee Tibbetts - Laity

Melissa Timberlake - Laity

Michael Timberlake - Laity

Katie Tomlin - Laity

Clydeen Tompkins - Laity

David Tompkins - Laity

Mia Toole- Laity

Pam Townsend - Laity

Melody Traylor- Clergy

Margaret  Traylor - Laity

Bart  Trench - Laity

Norah Trench - Laity

David Tubbs - Clergy

Bo Tucker - Laity

Lindsay Tucker - Laity

Dale Turnbough - Laity

Cornelia Turnbow - Laity

Robert Underwood - Laity

Jennifer Varnell - Laity

Amy Parsons Vaughn - Clergy

Walter Vaughan - Laity

Kathryn Venable - Laity

Caroline Vincent - Laity

Georgia Vinson - Laity

JoshVoiles - Laity

Diedra Waddington - Laity

Jim Wakefield - Laity

Linda Wakefield - Laity

Christopher Walker - Laity

Jenny Walker - Laity

Joe   Walker - Laity

Linda Wallace - Laity

Shannon Walsh - Laity

Heather Ward - Laity

LaVone Warren - Laity

Anne Warren - Laity

Mike Warren - Laity

Terri Warrington - Laity

Gann Waters-Wright - Laity

Malinda Weaver - Clergy

Disney Weaver - Laity

Dorothy Ann Webster - Clergy

Fred Webster - Clergy

Deb Welsh - Clergy

Anne P. Wheeler - Laity

Jill Wheeler - Laity

Hannah Wheeler - Clergy

Andrea R. White - Laity

Leslie Whitney - Laity

Kelly Whittington - Laity

Katherine Wheeler - Laity

Clauzell Williams - Clergy

Denise Williams - Laity

Joshua Williams – Laity

Sarah Alyce Williams - Laity

Velma Williams - Laity

Sam Williamson - Clergy

John Willis - Laity

Jeff  Willoughby - Laity

Linda Wills - Laity

Elisha Wilson - Laity 

Aubrey Wilson - Laity

June Wilson - Clergy

Blake Wilson - Laity

Aime Wilson - Laity

R.G.Wilson-Lyons - Clergy

Mary Page Wilson-Lyons- Laity

Zoe  Winston - Laity

Brandi Wittman - Laity

Zoe Wirt - Laity

Stanley Woodall - Laity

Dawn Wolfe - Laity

Charlotte Womack - Laity

Andrea Womble - Laity

Elizabeth Wood - Laity

Laura Wood - Laity

Savannah Wright - Laity

Eric  Wright - Laity

Jeff   Wright - Laity

Regina Wright - Laity

Suzanne Wright - Laity

Andy Yarnell - Clergy

Jennifer Yarnell - Laity

Ralph Yeilding  - Laity

Carol York - Laity

Linda Young- Laity

Pamela Young - Laity

Gary Youngblood - Laity

Jeri Zemke - Laity


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